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Adapting To Change

Hello Readers,

Everything that happens to us causes a chain reaction of changes, many of which we have no control over.

I don’t believe anyone who says they are having an easy time during these very dark and difficult days because you would have to be totally oblivious to the plight of others to think this way. It’s natural to have daily ups and downs, but during this transitional process, we are all in the midst of trying to find ourselves and getting to know who we are. It is now that we must focus our energies on reprioritising what is important and what is not. Its about discovering our true authentic self and our life purpose.

During this very testing and challenging period, we are bound to experience many ups and downs because It is not possible to endure and survive something as big as the global Pandemic and threat to life we are currently experiencing and remain exactly the same as before unless we choose to live completely in denial and in ignorance of the truth. Out of desperation, frustration, mediocrity and idleness, poverty and pain, so many people will start questioning ‘what is life about, what are we living for?’.

Love in the modern age of today can be very complex and not without its own set of problems, but interestingly, because of this crisis we are currently living through, we are more connected to one another than ever before because people are becoming more aware that none of us are islands and that we all need one another at some time or other. Change is important, but if you really cant adapt to what is happening around you, the only thing you can do is to stay calm and go through this transformational time with a good heart until you come out of it at the other end. Your old style of doing things may have suited your former life but doing things in exactly the same way may at times seem dull and monotonous and you are unlikely to make much progress unless you are prepared to adapt and change to your new environment and set of strange and weird circumstances.

The important thing is to develop a good structure to your daily time table and work through your chores with dedication and discipline. There is a beginning bit, a middle bit and an end bit to every scenario, so know nothing can last forever and that nothing is able to remain the same, untouched nor unscathed. Everything, even us, are in a continuous state of decay, until one day we turn to dust and cease to exist in the material form.

Not until we leave bad situations for even worst situations that in the end we will begin to value and appreciate what we have and how precious life and our relationships and friendships are.

Until Next Time,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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