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Argumentative People

Hello Readers,

Argumentative people can be found almost everywhere. They enjoy arguing just for the sake of arguing. Whilst some people like to debate and discuss ideas and opinions, others argue out of habit. They can’t help themselves and will make a fuss out of the slightest unimportant trivia to cause as much conflict and upset as possible. It’s also another way of the drawing attention to themselves, especially if they have big egos and make a point of always being right, even when they are wrong, they have to be right and have the last say. This can drive others around the bend with frustration because they are always on the defensive, even about the most insignificant things. Nothing is ever good enough for them, they always want more and more and will find fault with you or a situation just to engage you or anyone within spitting distance just to engage in seemingly pointless sparring matches. It’s also becomes a competition about who can shout, yell and scream the loudest!! Do you know someone like this?

They always object to other people’s suggestions. Other people are the source of arguments and quarrels, not them. They refuse to listen to other people’s ideas because they always have to be ‘right’.
They will say things like ‘It’s your fault’ and ‘You are to blame’ and they are always full of heaps of reasons why everything has to be your fault and that you caused them to lose their temper so therefore expect you to apologise and smooth the waters again. They do not see any reason as to why to offer an apology because nothing is ever their fault. They will also often openly admit that they are always falling out with work colleagues, neighbours, friends, relatives and when questioned, they honestly cannot understand what they have done wrong. It’s always got to be someone else’s fault.

Many of them have strong narcissistic tendencies because they are very self-absorbed and have an extremely high opinion of themselves. The word ‘humility’ does not exist in their vocabulary. When they come across people whose views differ from theirs they feel extremely threatened and can often revert to unsociable behaviour. These people constantly seek control and power over you so it’s almost impossible to reason with them. They also want you to depend on them. They want to have some sort of hold over you so that you are too afraid to break away. Always remind yourself that chronic arguing is an ingrained defence mechanism and it’s doubtful that they will ever change.

Then there are those foolish people who will boil for days regarding a matter that is totally petty, ridiculous and without substance because they are looking for someone they can transfer their anger onto and blame for something that has got nothing at all to do with anyone one else because things in their own lives are not going well. So what do these people do? They lash out at the nearest person and once they have said their piece, they behave as though nothing has happened and expect everything to be brushed under the carpet. They refuse to sit and talk quietly and logically about what it is that has annoyed them at the time because the truth is, they are unable to control their anger. These people lack communication skills and they are incredibly selfish, so if you find yourself connected with someone like this, you have some very deep thinking to do about your future as associates because remember, leopards do not change their spots. They often conceal a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ character. One minute they are full of the joys of spring and in the next they can turn into your worst nightmare.

The positive side of all this is to also remember that people who shout, rant, rave, argue lose the argument the minute they raise their voice and of course, once words have been said, they can never be retracted, nor forgotten. Point this fact out to them and watch them flinch because even though they won’t like what you are saying, deep down, they also know you are ‘right’.

Until Next Week,

Love from Linda and The Lulas xxx
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