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Being Taken For Granted

Hello Readers,

Even the most beautiful of stars are taken for granted night after night and its most important that we must never take today for granted because tomorrow may never come.

The more often we see things around us, even the most beautiful and wonderful things, including people, the more invisible they become to us. That is why we so often take for granted the beauty of this world and some of the people who are always at hand to help us, yet sometimes we do not even give them a second thought. Sometimes people will make more effort with strangers in the terms of creating a very good first impression than those who are closest to us.

People always seem to want what they can’t have and the more they can’t have it, the more they want it. Desire is just about the dumbest thing in this life because people want what they want so much, until it is theirs, and then they lose interest and take it or a person for granted. Then when it is gone, they mourn it, but whilst they had it, they didn’t value it, and so there are always very important lessons to be learned.

We are taught to respect, be kind and help out others. However, sometimes people might take advantage of your generosity and demand far more from you than is acceptable without even considering returning the favour and it can be challenging trying to stand up and speak for yourself. Being taken for granted creates a very unpleasant feeling. It’s the realisation that you did all the giving, probably to the extent of acting like a door mat only to see the bare truth of your actions when reality kicks in. You may have meant well, but your kindnesses and generosity will not always be appreciated, so you have to examine your inner soul and ask yourself why you keep doing it?  Why you are always trying to make things better for others and continually offering solutions to their problems because somewhere down the line, you feel responsible for their dissatisfaction with life. The reasons are always buried somewhere deep in your mind, but the reasons do exist and they are very real, but its recognising the cause of them and then taking positive steps to do something about them and to take back control of your life. Sometimes the more reliable you are, the less you complain and the more willing you are to be accommodating to another person’s needs, the more likely you are to be taken for granted. Being dumped, cheated on and taken for granted is why so many people choose to remain single. It’s because they have had enough hurt and choose to remove themselves from a vulnerable position. If someone does not appreciate your presence, then perhaps you should consider giving them your absence. Never waste your time on people who only want you around when it fits their needs, because often the more you give, the more they will take. Staying with someone who does not appreciate you isn’t loyalty, its pure stupidity. People who undervalue themselves will always be undervalued by others, so the lesson here is, love yourself the most and others will also love and respect you too. It’s time to put down boundaries and stick to them.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.

When you are always there for people at their beck and call, they eventually stop appreciating you because your favours are now an expectation and no one is forgotten when its suddenly convenient to remember them. Even the most caring people, no matter how much they love you, can get tired of being taken for granted. It’s usually the ones who would do anything for anyone who end up getting the most hurt.

People say that you never know what you had until its gone. But the truth is that you knew what you had, you just didn’t think you would lose it, so always appreciate what you ‘have’ until it turns into what you ‘had’. There comes a time when you have to stop crossing ocean for people who would not jump over a puddle for you.

Even if you prosper today, do not take your money or success for granted, because fame and fortunes can be made and lost in a split second. Nothing is guaranteed.

There is absolutely nothing nor anyone that can nor should be taken for granted in this world, because for the simple reason that nothing lasts forever.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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