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Believe In Your Dreams

Hello Readers,

Believe in your dreams – This may seem incredibly obvious, incredibly easy, but you would be surprised how many people seriously limit their dreams and aspirations.  I have worked as a Psychic for a great many years and have met the most interesting people from all walks of life, many of which are extremely successful and others who have thrown golden opportunities away because they didn’t believe in their dreams and were quite happy to slowly vegetate allowing life to pass them by.  They didn’t believe in themselves enough to go for what they really wanted in life.  They expect failure, so guess what?  They set themselves up for a fall and guess what, they blame everyone else for their hard luck.
I once knew someone who tried very hard to sow a seed in my head to ‘know my limitations, which simply means, to accept a miserable existence so that I was on a par with them.  Telling me something like this was like putting petrol into a car!!!  I just took off in the opposite direction and have become who I am today by believing in my own abilities and being comfortable within my own self.

Let me give you an example, something to think about.  When a Tiger chases a Gazelle, the Tiger runs like the clappers in the direction of its prey. Does the Tiger suddenly think to himself, ‘well I have had enough Gazelle in my time, maybe its time I settled down and tried some of that Vegan stuff instead, after all, it could make my life a darn sight easier?  Of course not!!  The Tiger never ever gives up.  The Tiger shows the determination and desire to go after what he is dreaming of.  Nothing stands in the Tiger’s way.  You don’t hear the Tiger making all kinds of feeble excuses e.g.; I am getting too old for this.  My back is playing up.  There is a good movie on and its getting a bit dark out there in the bush.
People who don’t chase their dreams are always full of excuses.  They never have a reason, just a never ending flow of excuses.  In fact they have a full library of every excuse under the sun!!

A lot of people think their dreams have  to be realistic to be worth dreaming about.  But that’s a plan and that is something quite different. A plan is systematically and logically taking those first all important steps of turning a dream into a reality.

Dreams are allowed to be anything you want them to be.  Its no good thinking you’ll never achieve anything by sitting around day dreaming all day.  Some of the most successful people have also been those who have dared to dream the most.  It isn’t a coincidence. There is never a dream that is too big and there is never a dream that is too small. A person who has never tried anything new has never accomplished anything worthwhile either.

Until next week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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