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Coronavirus And Prayers For Boris

Hello Readers,

Our whole lives are constantly being affected and changing as a result of the Coronavirus catastrophe. We are living difficult times and a period of great transition and transformation. When we emerge from out of this living nightmare, our lives will be changed forever, beyond recognition as we are forced to walk the journey that determines our destiny.

I am inviting you to read the article below which I came across on the internet because of its relevance and poignancy during these difficult days and our darkness hours.

Please join me in prayers for Boris Johnson, his family, loved ones and everyone who has had their lives touched, blighted and destroyed by recent events by sending love and good wishes to them all.

‘Dear Earthlings,

The way you have been doing life has to stop.

You are killing the planet, each other, and suppressing your soul’s cry.

You came here to thrive, to shine, and not to slave away.

Not for profits.

Not for self-benefit and gain.

After the industrial revolution, all started to go downhill.

All is lost.

Lost connection with self, with family.

With nature .

All in the name of progress.

For what?

You are abusing yourself.

Over-ridding your natural GPS.

In the name of profit and success.

No amount of exterior accomplishments will fill in the void that resides inside.


This is the Aquarian age.

The time to look inside.

Come home within dear child.

The old must crumble, so the new can emerge.

Coronavirus is here to create balance and put things back to natural order.

Those who resist, will not persist in this new age era.

As Darwin said, this is the era of survival of the fittest,

However not in terms of health, but spiritual resilience.

If you cling to the old ways of being, you will not make it.

This outdated mindset is not suitable for the new earth generation.

This epidemic is necessary.

The traditional ways of doing life and business are outdated.

So is the church.

So is the current forms of governments.

There must be heart and soul in what we do.

If there isn’t, it will not survive.

Get used to it Earthlings, lockdown, no social interactions.

It is the time to go inward.

It is time to take inventory on what is working and what is not.

In your world, and the planet in general.

Enough of self-gain.

Enough of exploiting others in the name of profit, so your ego can be happy.

The new Earth has no room for ego, only for soul.

Those who are not aligned with this vision, will perish from this Earth, as there is no room for you.

The change in paradigm is now.

Either you embrace it, or you will suffer.

Coronavirus will sweep away those who are not willing to keep up with the changes.

Get ready Earthlings, the ride will be a bit rough if you resist the natural evolution of this planet.

Look inward.





Share resources.


Do good.

The Earth has spoken.

Be still.


You know what to do. “

We must take notice of the importance of what is happening to our lives and our planet during these traumatic and turbulent times. When all this is over, it’s not going to be a matter of returning back to our old lives and ways pretending none of this ever happened and that everything is going to be okay, because if we are not prepared to change and do things differently, we will all contribute to making ourselves an endangered species doomed for extinction.

We all have choices, which will be yours? As we sow, so shall we reap.

Until Next Time,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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