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Hello Readers,

If something worries you more than it should,  it can only be that certain fears have got the better of you.  Have you ever lost sleep, tossed and turned all night worrying needlessly about the opinions of others or a certain person who has the  knack of bullying others by means of passive, aggressive behaviour?  They do it by planting seeds of suggestion as well as seeds of disapproval in order to manipulate and control.  These people are experts at playing mind games, turning conversations around on their prey in order to make them feel guilty and depended upon the them whilst in the process of doing  doing an extremely good, oscar award winning act of pretending to be your friend.  Take heart, you are not alone.  This situation is common in many relationships, but the secret is to recognise it and take action.

If you have been subjected to such shoddy behaviour for years and years, then yes, i can hear you sighing that dealing with such people is often easier said than done.  But, we all have choices.  You can either choose to carry on as normal, putting up with the situation because ‘its easer’ and ‘anything for a peaceful life’, easier for them, not for you, or, you do the unexpected and stand up for yourself.

If you are struggling with asserting yourself in a crisis, have a chat with a trusted friend or someone whose opinion your respect because two heads are always better than one.  Sometimes we can be so close to a situation that its a true case of ‘cant see the wood for the trees’ but the right answer, the right course of action is staring you in the face and has been all along, its just that you were so upset and concerned , you didnt see it.  Dont be so hard on yourself, you are human, not a robot.

From today, make yourself a promise to abandon inhibitions, speak your mind if need be tell someone to put their own affairs in order before dictating to you how you should live your life.  One sure way of never having to deal with such a person again is to remove yourself from the equations by putting a healthy distance between you and them.  You are fully entitled to your views, even if they stand in contrast to those who many of you would normally stand shoulder to shoulder with.

Life is not to be lived on other people’s terms.  Protect your happiness and your sanity by turning a deaf ear to critics, manipulaters and joy drainers.  If a friendship or relationship breaks because you choose not to play the game any longer, then so be it.  You have your answer regarding that particular person.  A person’s actions will tell you everything you need to know.

Until Next Week

Love and Light

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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