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Grounded in the Earth

Hello Readers,

Mother Nature has spoken. Now we’ve all been sent to out rooms to sit quietly in solitude to think about what we are doing and where we are going after once this dark cloud hanging over us has lifted and lockdown has ended. It’s important that we see this experience as a great opportunity to look at new and exciting ways of living and starting a brand new chapter, vowing to doing things differently and never falling into the same traps again. We do not want a repeat performance of these circumstances ever again. Learn from the past, but look to the future.

The Desert Fathers knew a bit about self isolation. In the 4th century AD they left everything and everyone, went into the Middle East deserts, found a cave and stayed there for as long as they needed to. Their practice was known as ‘hesychasm’ or ‘quies’, the process of retiring inwardly by ceasing to register the senses in order to achieve an experiential knowledge of peace and oneness. As the great profit Abba Moses said, “Sit in your cell and your cell will teach you all.” All the answers we are seeking are already there, within our selves. Happiness and inner peace and contentment cannot be found externally. Self discovery can only be experienced by focusing our energies on making that vital journey of the soul in order to survive, which is exactly what all this self isolation is all about. It’s not just about Covid 19 spreading, it’s about our spiritual growth and development.

Taoist hermits were also doing this nearly 1,000 years before the Desert Fathers, no doubt inspired by the works of Lau Tzu, the ancient monk who left his monastery to travel the world and proceeded to write down his observations and experiences in 81 verses. One of his most poignant teachings is verse 47

“Without stepping out the door,
You can know the world.
Without looking through the window,
You can see Heaven’s Way.
The further you travel, the less you know.
Therefore the sage knows without going out,
Perceives without looking,
Accomplishes without acting.”

And this was even before Google and the internet.

More recently J Krishnamurti explained this when he said “There is great happiness in not wanting, in not being something, in not going somewhere. When the mind purges itself of all thought, only then is there the silence of creation. The mind is not tranquil as long as it is travelling in order to arrive.”

It’s going to be tough, especially not physically being with people so thank goodness for the miracle of the internet, telephone and FaceTime. Besides experiencing our splendid isolation, this is also a brilliant opportunity for reaching out to others and staying in touch with others. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

So how can we be at peace and know everything (expand consciousness) or accomplish everything by non doing? As well as sitting quietly, Zen monks, like the Desert Fathers, worked hard in the field and kitchens, non doing doesn’t mean not doing anything it means not adding anything from unnecessary thoughts, worry and wanting stuff just for the sake of it. It’s purely about Just holding on to what is real. Just doing what you are good at and doing a good turn for others wherever possible.

This enforced rest and abstention from the rest of the world is teaching us so much about ourselves and others. In some cases we won’t like what we see but what we are witnessing has always been there. Nothing has changed except that finally the veil had been lifted and we are staring at stark facts and reality. But as well we are joining in with the spirit of human kindness and feel good about being able to help another person in any small and humble way possible.

Sharing and caring for one another is what is going to get us through all this, so today is a very good place to start.

Until Next Time,
Love and Light,
Linda and The Lulas xxx








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