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If You Can’t Depend On Someone

Hello Readers,

An unreliable person is always full of excuses. They frequently change their stories because they often tell a lie to cover up another lie, wrongly underestimating your intelligence, believing that they will always get away with such bad behaviour because no one dares to ever take them to task over it.  They dislike confrontation, yet are the orchestrator of their own dramas.

Often, people give other people more chances than they deserve because they do not always know what else to do. They are often too afraid to argue to be the reason behind a showdown. These are the people who nearly always get hurt in the end.  Never rely on  a person who has let you down more than 2 times. Once was a warning and twice was a lesson and anything more is simply taking advantage of the friendship and assuming that you will always fit into their schedule. It’s a mistake to think you can count on a person who is known to be unreliable to follow through on something they have promised because you are only kidding yourself if you think they have changed. They are unreliable because of the way they set their priorities. Their promise to you is not as important to them as following their own agenda even though originally they tried to convince you that they were full of good intentions. They will invariably drop you like a hot potato when a better offer comes along.

The benefits of being reliable are that people trust you and feel they can count on you no matter what. A reliable person will get and keep friends much easier than someone who is careless and selfish. Its tiring and exhausting to be constantly let down, so these kind of friendships often come to an abrupt end because there is nothing to be gained by hanging onto to someone who constantly disappoints you.  A business that has a reputation of being reliable or making reliable products will get repeat and new business over and over again.  A true friend is someone who will always be by your side when you need them, not someone who constantly makes false promises and thinks nothing of letting you down.  There is nothing quite like the shifts of fortune test the reliability of friends.  How people treat others is a direct reflection about how they feel about themselves and how they will eventually treat you.   Always remember that words are cheap and that actions always speak the loudest.  The most reliable and dependable of people are always the ones who have no need to boast about being reliable because their track record of how they treat others is proof enough that they are of honourable character.

You are the one who has to put down the boundaries of what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. Never make the mistake of accepting anything less than you deserve, remembering that by you dictating the rules, you are teaching people how to or how not to treat you.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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