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Know When To Walk Away

Hello Readers,

There comes a time in your life when it’s the right time to walk away from all the drama in your life and the people who create it.

Sometimes you just have to walk away. No one likes to think they have failed or given up too easily, but neither is burning up energy on a useless cause a good thing. It’s not a case of giving up, it’s a case of no longer being prepared to accept actions that are less than you deserve, it’s as simple as that.

If a relationship is coming to an end, instead of playing it out long and complicated. When you have that little voice in your head telling you that this isn’t going to work, then it’s time to listen to it by cutting your losses and walking away. It’s about learning the art of respecting yourself, your precious time and recognising that when something is literally, dead in the water, to leave it and walk in the opposite direction. If something or someone’s influence is toxic and destructive, designed to systematically erode your confidence and affect your health, you must protect yourself by doing the right thing and that is, disallowing any more of it and choosing to walk away.

Sometimes people stick around a situation because they are looking for revenge, they want to get even. The more they talk about it the madder they get. They don’t seem to realise that by growing more and more angry that they only person they are hurting is themselves. Walking away, blocking and deleting is far more effective than trying to get even because it shows that you have taken the higher moral ground and have risen above whatever it is that is driving you crazy. There is no better way of getting even than to ignore something or someone so completely that it can be left behind, where it belongs, never to be revisited again.

Knowing when to walk away is wisdom, being able to is courage and walking away with your head held high is known as ‘dignity’, and the moment you feel you have to prove your worth is the moment its right to walk away.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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