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The empty chair in your heart should remain empty forever rather than allowing someone unworthy of your friendship to sit there. Most of the time you have no choice about what gets poured into your cup, but you have a choice as to what you accept and believe. No one will ask you about your dreams and beliefs until you stop adjusting yourself for unworthy things for your mind.

If someone is only interested in the surface of you and your life, why are you even considering entertaining them. Some people are too shallow and pretentious to understand that beauty is only skin deep and in the passing of time, everything fades and decays.

The fascination and curiosity of a person begins by reading between the lines, in beneath the breaths, under the skin and what lies deep down in the depths of their soul. The moment when a person has to recruit others to put a another person down in order to convince other unworthy sorts of their own value is the day they have dishonoured themselves forever. How someone treats others is how they will treat you. If a person doesn’t see nor appreciate your goodness and worth, the problem is theirs, not yours. It’s at that point when their shallowness is publicly displayed to the rest of the world and for all to see and hear. It’s not possible to convince an insincere person that they should care more about the feelings of the hurt, wounded and alienated, because they don’t, and they won’t.

Silence is as deep as eternity whilst speech is as shallow as time.

The shattered person reveals every corner of their shallow mind.

Maybe you’re not perfect, but you certainly are not unworthy. You are beautiful, and just like a flower with a petal still unfurled, it does not lack in fragrance.

Stop giving away the best part of you to those unworthy of that gift.

Love and light,

Linda and the Lulas xxx

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