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Royal Baby!!

Hello Readers,

So at long last, we can all stop holding our breath. The long awaited news of the new Royal Baby finally arrived on July 22nd 2013, when William and Kate welcomed their new baby Prince into the world….and of course he is the first great-grandson to The Queen and Prince Phillip.

We have a House of Windsor and the arrival of the new Prince of Cambridge heralds the beginning of the new House of Middleton…… and it has been said many times that it is the Middletons and not the Windsors who will make William a modern day father. It’s hands on parenting for the future monarch who is born to two very modern, down to earth parents and a far different world than the one older royal generations were born into… filled with nannies, perambulators and remote parents.

From ‘pit to palace’ in three generations quoted one royal courtier…. reflecting on the amazing transformation of the Middleton family fortune….. this is all down to the hand of fate… what is meant for us will not go past us…….

Interestingly, so far…. no live in nanny has been appointed.. William and Kate will have the support of her family, who she and William are incredibly close to and this will provide a very happy and secure environment for the new baby to grow up in.

This new baby Prince makes Royal history by becoming the third living heir in waiting to the throne. He takes his place behind Prince Charles and Prince William. Such a queue of heirs has not happened since Queen Victoria was on the throne in the 1890’s…..

This Royal Baby is also the first Prince of Cambridge in 190 years….. and he is the boy who has made it possible for girls to be born Queens……
The Lulas and I have been glued to the telly and watching all the interviews…. much has already been predicted by many astrologers all over the world for this ‘child of destiny’….. which we will all be able to read about on the internet and in various publications in every detail imaginable….. his life will always be public property….

He is born for a purpose…. he has an interesting, but complex and difficult life ahead….. after all, this little boy will one day be King…. much photographed, pursued, exploited for commercial gains….. and the rest you can imagine for yourselves…… I am sure William’s mother, Princess Diana would have been extremely proud because she was made to be a mother. Her nurturing and caring instincts were the best part of her character and would have made a most wonderful grandmother…… but one day, William and Kate will be able to tell their first born Prince all about this most magnificent icon of a woman, who was the same star sign as he and his father, William…. Cancer the Crab.

My family and I would like to take this opportunity in offering William and Kate and their families our warmest congratulations on the arrival of Baby Cambridge, who we are sure will bring us all much joy over the coming years.

Until next week,

Love and Light,,

Linda and The Lulas xxxx

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