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A Little Bit Of Space Is Good

Hello Readers,

You have the power to make your surroundings better than ever before. Celebrate the fact that change is constant and that you are not as stuck in the mud as you may have thought recently. Your powerful charisma works like a charm as doors begin to open in areas which were out of bounds previously allowing you to reach for the stars even if you only hit the roof tops.

Not only will you enjoy using your time and energy to make your home a more attractive and comfortable place to live in, but even others will begin to notice a shift of energy within your soul and a twinkle in your eyes signalling that you are at last emerging out of some dark place you were inhabiting for such a long time and now navigating your way back out into the sunlight, back into the land of the living once more.

Knowing yourself and what makes you tick will enable you to make better choices, associate with the right people whilst distancing yourself from anything or anyone which is deemed negative or harmful. When someone is feeling happy and content with the world, they radiate a most attractive energy which others find alluring and feel very drawn towards because they also want a piece of the action. Nobody particularly likes a moaner and groaner because they drain the life out of anyone within a ten mile radius. Lead by example and others will admire and respect you for your inner strength and beauty and watch them try to copy you by making their own life improvements and adjustments.

Happiness is infectious in much the same as misery is also. You are living in very exciting times and should make the most of every golden opportunity that comes your way because right now, the world is your oyster. Think lucky and you will be lucky.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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