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A Sense Of Humour

Hello Readers,

‘Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you’ll cry alone’

Possessing a good sense of humour is the best indicator that you will recover from almost anything and sure way of attracting people towards you because they want to be your friend.     Sustain that and you will have hope of achieving just about anything you set your heart upon.  Humour can make such an enormous difference in all areas of our lives.  By always looking for a reason to see the funny side of a situation, we gain the strength that is needed to survive some of the difficult and trying times that present themselves during the course of our life.

Having a good sense of humour is essentially a sense of perspective.  It is an understanding that comes with all the experiences and challenges in life that we have to learn important lessons from.   Humour isn’t always a matter of laughing at things so much as being able to understand them.   Neither is it a matter of laughing at people, its being able to both laugh with them and at ourselves.  It’s about understanding life.  It’s an ability to see ourselves as we really are and the comic figure that we cut as we strut about on life’s stage.

But some people seem quite destitute of a sense of humour and are unable appreciate the comedy and jocularity that some of us enjoy and so communicating with them can be very tedious and extremely trying, to say the least.   I am sure some of you are already familiar with such scenarios?  With a good sense of humour, you can tackle any situation in life and moreover, you will also learn how to see the funny side of things when the chips are down and facing tough times.   Have you ever noticed that people with a sense of humour are so much easier to talk to?

Humour is often just the ice breaker that is needed when meeting someone for the first time, or if comfort and reassurance is needed by someone who is feeling very nervous and troubled.  There is nothing quite like a warm smile and kind words littered with humour to lighten the mood.  Humour brings people together, it unites them, and every survival kit should include a good, if not wicked, sense of humour and sense of the ridiculous.  A good laugh overcomes more difficulties and dissipates more dark clouds than any other one thing.  Through humour you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers and once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation may be,  you can survive it.  Humour can alter any situation and help us cope the very instant we are laughing, and humour is often laughing at what you haven’t got when you really ought to have it.

Beauty fades, careers end, money comes and goes, religions change, children grow up and go away, love affairs break up, divorces happen, people die, struggles carry on, senility sets in when you get older, but the ability to make someone smile and for them to make you giggle back is the most precious gift that could possibly be bestowed. If you could choose one characteristic that will get you through life, choose a sense of humour.

And of course, many a true word is said in jest!!

Until Next Week,
Love and Light,
Linda and The Lulas xxx

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