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A Sense Of Purpose

Hello Readers,

How many times have you heard people tell you that ‘Everything has a Purpose?’  That there is a ‘Reason for Everything’, although at the time of events happening, it’s not always easy to recognise what those purposes and reasons are.  There are no coincidences in life because everyone we meet, the people that wander in and out of our lives have and are there for some reason or other.  Sometimes, things that happen in our lives just don’t make any sense and can often leave us feeling all kinds of strange emotions and very confused indeed, but in the fullness of time, when we start looking back, something always happens to show us exactly why these events happened and why we had to meet the people who crossed our paths.  Life is filled with unanswered questions, but it is the courage to seek those answers that continues to give meaning to life.  You can spend your time wallowing in despair why stuff always seems to happen to you or you can be grateful that you have found the strength to survive it and put your best foot forward.

The purpose of life is to be happy, to help make others feel happier, to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate and to make some difference in this world, no matter how big or small.  Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.  We seek purpose and look for answers when we are not in touch with who we really are and it isn’t until we discover who we are at the deepest place of our being that we discover and appreciate the meaning of why we are alive and for what purpose we have been born on this Earth.    We all have a very special role to play in this life but it is up to us to embark on that very special, but incredible journey to discover what life is all about and what we are all about as an individual struggling to make our mark so that we are remembered for doing something good and worthwhile after we die.  After all, who wants a wasted life?

You will recognise your own path when you come upon it because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need to fulfil your needs.  If you cannot figure out what your purpose is, figure out your passion in life and that will lead you right up to your purpose.

‘Work for a cause, not applause, live life to express, not to impress, don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt’.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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