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Acts Of Kindness

Hello Readers,

There are three in human life that are important. The first one is to be kind, the second one is to be kind and the third one is to be kind. Do a little bit of good wherever you are because all those little bits put together make the world a better place.

It is very easy in the rush of things to overlook people close to us making excuses that we never have enough time and will catch up by phone or a meet up, that never actually happens, at some time in the future.

Then I hear the moans and groans that those people do not keep with us either, so they are just as guilty. What I do know for sure is that our lives can change in a split second. One telephone call, sudden news, an accident, a life changing experience where someone needs to turn their life around, but without love and support, the prospect of getting through the prospect can seem terribly daunting. Are you telling me that you have never experienced any form of trauma or difficulties that you felt were unbearable to deal with alone and just wished that there was someone to talk to or that a friend would re arrange their busy schedule to be by our side? None of us are islands. Yes, we do discover who our true friends are in such perilous situations, but at least this way you are also able to syphon off the deadwood whilst you are at it, the people who are always full of false promises and feeble excuses.

The more time we put into our relationships, with children, siblings, parents, friends etc., the more we will get out of them, but it has to be you that instigates the first move because that way you are taking personal responsibility and control for your own actions. It does not matter one jot what other people do. Their choices, their consequences. It’s what you do that matters that carries some meaning. Your actions carry the most clout and if you are there for loved ones and neither they will not forget that it was you who pulled out all the stops, during their darkest hours of need.

Become incredibly successful and handling your life, at processing guilt and taking personal responsibility for your actions, because that way you will feel calmer and happier about your life because you have actually done something worthwhile for another person rather than just think about doing it and in the end, doing nothing at all. I have known people tell me that they often think about another person that was struggling, but failed to take any kind of positive action.

It’s no good living a life of regret because you were to selfish or could not be bothered to make the effort to help another person in a worse position than you are ever likely to find yourself in. No matter how busy your life is, you have to start as you mean to go on and create some quality time before it’s too late, because life is very short. No one lives forever. No point living with regret because one day your loved ones may not be there anymore and then you will so desperately wish you’d actually listened and offered your services, but then it’s too late. Give your time willingly, not as a chore. Do this with dedication, commitment and wholehearted enthusiasm, or don? bother doing it at all. If what you have to offer and give is not from the heart, it’s not worth anything. This is an important time to stay true to yourself and do your very best not just for others, but for you too, because at the end of the day, you are the one who has to live with yourself knowing that you could have made a difference if you had really wanted to.

Until next Week,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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