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Always Rely On Yourself

Hello Readers,

As our lives continue to unfold we must always be prepared for what surprises the universe has in store for all of us because anything could happen without any warning and these things mainly come as a huge shock to the system. Sometimes is best not to make any plans but to take one day at a time. Tying yourself down to a routine may be difficult because you cannot always rely on others too much. They will not only be full of excuses but will think nothing of cancelling you at the very last moment.

Often a change is just as good as a rest and anything exciting or unusual will grab your interest and if you pursue new paths you will never stop learning new things that will encourage and help you in your personal development and healing. What you may notice more and more is how much you are starting to change and what once interested you greatly no longer holds any appeal. Something you thought you needed or depended on is now showing signs of disappearing out of your life which will in turn allow you to spread your wings and fly free from all the restrictions that have kept you prisoner for so long. That crutch was holding you back, not propping you up. You will soon see the benefits of moving forward with the times and embracing opportunities as they come along realising that progress isn’t always for the faint hearted, but vitality necessary if you are to spiritually grow and become the person you have always wanted to be plus living the life you have always dreamed about. Some people refuse to learn important lessons resulting in them continually repeating past mistakes but this doesn’t mean it has to always be you.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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