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An Ever-Changing World

Hello Readers,

Its never too late to think and reflect deeply about our experiences, achievements and ambitions for the future, especially if we are looking for change.

Nothing in this life is guaranteed, not even staying alive. Everything and everyone we see around us will one day be gone. Nothing stands still and nothing lasts forever, so it’s a mistake to take anything or anyone for granted. Everything evolves, grows, decays and eventually dies, disintegrating into nothing, ashes to ashes and dust to dust. The world around us is rapidly changing by the second because we all live in times of great global unrest and uncertainty to the point where it’s perfectly normal to perhaps feel apprehensive and fearful about our future prospects and even about the state of our beautiful planet.

You can be forgiven for feeling as though you have been continually navigating your way through a long dark twisted black tunnel for such a long time, to the point where it has become almost normal to be used to the darkness, loneliness and isolation ,until suddenly, one day, without any prior warning your whole life is suddenly turned upside down, back to front and inside out by external forces and influences which can all have far reaching, irreversible effects upon us mentally, physically and emotionally. And then, so much is expected of us.

Sometimes, just to get through an ordinary day can prove trying and demanding of our time, money, sanity and energy, yet we must never give up hope that blue skies and happier days lie ahead. If you are to achieve any of your goals, then you alone must make the effort to hoof yourself out of your comfort zone with the clear intention of walking the path of destiny and discovering your life purpose. If something no longer works for you then it’s time to seriously think about decluttering your life and rearranging your priorities. If you continue to neglect yourself, then you can’t expect to feel well, positive nor optimistic about the future, and it’s no good always blaming everyone else because all the answers you need are already there, deep down within your soul, you just have to look deeply to discover them.

The prospect of each new day is always exciting because as one door closes, another new one opens, and so each new day we are given another new chance.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas

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