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And In The Silence You Can Hear The Birds Sing

Hello Readers,

Life as we knew it and the world around us is changing daily, minute by minute. Everything we took for granted, used and abused has been taken away from us and now that we have literally grounded to a standstill, we are forced to re evaluate our lives and start thinking about where we went so badly wrong and focus our energy on the many ways we can put things right if we are to return to any semblance of normality sooner rather than later. Our home is our castle, refuge and safe haven , our body is our temple, and our loved ones are the most precious of all, so we must love, honour and cherish them all before even they are taken away from us in the darkness of the night and in the stillness of the hour.

Not so long ago it was difficult to imagine what could possibly happen to our beautiful Planet that could cause such breath-taking transition and be responsible for some of the most astonishing transformations that we are witnessing taking place around us today. Irreversible changes are forcing us to look even deeper within ourselves than ever before. Unless we change our thinking and outlook, nothing else can change satisfactorily.

A simple Virus has managed to ground flights, ships and other forms of travel and transport bringing the world as we knew it to its knees. The grounding of aircraft, the silencing of motor vehicles and industry has left everyone shocked, speechless and walking around in a foggy daze, directionless and lost. People have been catapulted into a world of chaos, mayhem and disorientation causing fearfulness and panic. But just take a closer look, this catastrophe is also bringing people, friends and families closer because we are all starting to speak to one another and extending the hand of friendship. We all want to help and we all want to survive this perfect storm, and like all storms, this too will pass, and our freedom will be returned to us once again. It’s only during the silence that you can see, hear and feel the truth.

Humankind’s relentless greed and always striving for more, bigger and better has proved destructive to the health and wellbeing of not only our planet, but also ourselves. When we can’t rush around and get on with our noisy lives, we are left with the no choice but the contemplative power and force of Mother Nature, and now she is saying ‘enough is enough’.

In the challenging weeks, months and years to come, we will be constantly reminded of where we went wrong because we alone are responsible for the very near destruction of our beautiful Planet Earth who is now crying out to us to change our ways and start being more kinder, respectful and responsible towards her, each other and the kingdoms that reside and dwell within her.

This may be a sorrowful brutal time, filled with heartbreak and tragedy, but we will rise from out of the ashes like glorious phoenixes, stronger, wiser, healthier and more loving as a direct result of all the sacrifices which must now be willingly made if we are to survive and live alongside one another in peace and harmony.

And now, during your very quietest moments, just listen to the silence of the skies and the birds singing their songs of joy and hope and know that when this is all over, things will be different and far more happier than ever before.

Thank you and until next time,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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