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Hello Readers,

Do you believe in Angels?  I know I do because I personally have had so much proof and evidence that these heavenly beings exist that if it were not for Angels, I probably would not be here because of all the help I have received during my lifetime right up to the present day.


Today the world is abuzz with stories, movies and ‘experts’ on Angels.  It is said that when you see a White Feather’ floating down past you, that this is symbolic of a visit from an Angel.

People often ask me if I know who their Guardian Angel is?  That is a very difficult question to answer because I do believe that we are all allocated our very own Guardian Angel and that it’s up to us, the individual, to discover who our Angel may be.  Angels are not there to meddle or to ‘fix things’.  They are our helpers in this life on earth, to guide and protect during our most difficult of times.  Angels love everyone unconditionally because they look past the surface and see the goodness within us all.  Angels are not judgemental and they only bring love into our lives, so you can totally trust them.  It doesn’t matter if you are a believer or a sceptic because the Angels believe in you.  They see your inner light, recognise your true talents and understand that you have an important mission in this life.  You don’t have to have special training, be saint like or take part in religious work to communicate with the Angels.  Their purpose is to help everyone who calls upon them, no matter what.  The Angels assistance is free of charge, they are always available and there are no hidden catches or agendas tucked away somewhere.  I have noticed that people who are in regular touch with their Angels report great improvement in their lives.  They feel happier, more peaceful, more self-confident and less afraid of what their future holds because they know they do not walk alone, their Angels are always by their side watching over them.


I recall one particular lady who quarrelled and fell out with her Angels because they didn’t automatically wave a magic wand resolving her problems nor enabled her to win the lottery.  She filled her home with Angel pictures and statues expecting them to magically transform her life with absolutely no input or effort from her at all.   Of course she was disappointed because she completely missed the whole meaning of why Angels exist and how they mysteriously work to help us.  She was so displeased with them that she banished her all her Angels out of her house and never bothered with them again.  Needless to say she is still waiting for someone to come along and wave their magic wand and by the looks of things, she has a very long wait ahead of her.


What happened to me recently was that whilst I was battling with Breast Cancer, I particularly struggled with the Radiotherapy because I was burnt to a cinder, or at least, that is how it felt.  It was March 10th 2014 when I had my final treatment and I did not want to go.  I felt very tired and worn out with having had 8 chemotherapies, major surgery and then the 15 Radiotherapy treatments.  On that day I had a visitor, A lady came to see me for a reading and whilst we were chatting she asked me what was troubling me because she could sense that there was a lot going on that I was not sharing with her.  So having told her my story she asked me if I believed in Angels?  I told her yes.  She then took out of her purse a laminated picture of Arc Angel Michael and gave it to me to keep close by my side because he is has been sent to protect and watch over me.  You can only imagine how very touched and moved I felt receiving such love and kindness.  It meant the world to me.  The lady and I said our farewells and off I went to the hospital for my final treatment.  Whilst I was lying there waiting for the radiation to commence, wearing protective goggles, so unable to physically see anything and aware that  there were no staff in the radiation room because they were not allowed to be in during the session, I felt a deep sense and awareness that someone was standing next to me during that final treatment. I felt calm, peaceful and unafraid and will never forget that experience for the rest of my life.  And then something else miraculously happened to follow on from this encounter.  Another lady visitor  arrived at my door bearing a gift from the heart.  It was a most beautiful picture of a white Angel on a blue background, that she had very kindly painted herself because she felt a great need to do this for me.  This magnificent picture now takes pride of place in my consulting room for everyone to see and is something I treasure enormously because it was given from the heart and with pure intentions.


Helpful people and friends are often Angels in disguise and I also believe there are lots of Earth Angels around that are people  who have been born with a special calling to help others which involves professions such as nurses, doctors, teachers, missionaries, social workers etc., whose mission is to selflessly help mankind including the animal kingdom.  Very often you will discover that it is the most unlikely of people who have a pair of invisible Angel Wings attached to their backs, so if ever you feel you are in a dark place and are worried and concerned about what is happening in your life, call upon your Angels and just wait and see what happens.


Always take comfort in knowing that you are protected by your Angels.


Until Next Week,


Love and Light,


Linda and The Lulas xxx

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