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Hello Readers,
I have a friend who swears by her adopted rescue dogs…..another one is a pussy-cat lover and I know someone who adores their horses and rabbits….No I don’t mean they stand next to them and curse once in a while, as I am sure they probably do at times…….don’t we all???lol!!……but what I mean is that no matter how miserable or troubled they are, no matter how hard they has been working, no matter how annoying life has been. No matter how fed up, cross or bad hair days they have had, the greetings they get from their beloved pets makes everything worth while….worth the effort because they are given lovingly and freely pure unconditional love….the stuff that money cannot buy….it isn’t available on the supermarket shelf…….the gloom is lifted they feel instantly restored and so much calmer…..
For me it has to be my family, close friends, my work and The Lulas… of my greatest passions is swimming, reading and walking The Lulas…..I find exercise and fresh air works wonders when my energy levels are feeling a bit depleted and I just need to get out of the house to clear my head and get my circulation going, allowing my thoughts and ideas to formulate and take some sort of shape……
For every one of us there will be something different that ‘does it’….that pushes our button in a very positive way……and I find the wonderful thing about all this that invariably it isn’t the things that cost money that have the power to uplift and transform us…..its all the things in life that are free that bring us the greatest joy.
The things that lift us are usually magical in some sort of way……a particular view of the countryside or seaside….or even what you can see out of your kitchen window……a special friend or child, a favourite book or film that we turn to, to help us recharge our ailing batteries…….it might be a state of mind that we arrive at through some ritual such as going to a place of worship or meditating……it may be a piece of music that lightens our heart……for others it will be charity work or being a volunteer…….I find there is nothing like doing something for others or for the greater good to take you out of yourself.
Whatever it is…..make sure you have it, know it and use it……..Its no good it being a piece of music that always lifts your mood if you don’t play it occasionally……There needs to be something that makes you realise that all the stuff that’s getting to you isn’t that important…….and that its the simple pleasures in life that bring the most joy….
Until next week,
Love and Light,
Linda and The Lulas xxxxx

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