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Approve of Yourself

Hello Readers,

One of the most draining, tedious and morale-destroying conversations you can have with yourself or anyone else is the one that focuses on your perceived imperfections. Whether its your weight, your receding hairline, your forgetfulness, the piece of work you just did or anything else, its deadly boring for you and anyone unfortunate enough to be within earshot.

By having conversations like this you turn yourself into a weak, powerless person whose need for outside approval undermines any chance of a resourceful, respectful relationship with either yourself or anyone else. Just take a good, long, hard ,truthful look and ask yourself how much attention, thinking and conversation is taken up with examining your failures and shortcomings? Or, perhaps you already know someone who constantly does this and so the conversations always end up going back to them talking about themselves, as they have very little interest in knowing about you or anyone else for that fact.

Many times I have come across people who try to change themselves to be the person they think a friend, parent or partner wants them to be like. So by doing this, what chance to they ever have of being happy, content and peaceful within themselves? If someone does not like the person you are, then they are either blind, stupid or don’t possess good taste. Learn to love yourself. Make sure you are not the person who is desperate for approval and busily trying to earn brownie points. Be the gutsy, ballsy person who doesn’t need to sit on the fence or gauge public opinion before speaking up. Be that strong someone who is dynamic, effective and likeable. Remember, you are far stronger than you think you are. The more you rely on yourself, the easier it will become. When you feel at your most uncertain, you’ll need to be the bravest and to resist the impulse to ask someone else to make you feel better. No one knows better than you what you need. Don’t ask for nor give advice. Instead, look inside for the courage that is waiting there. The Tao Te Ching says:

‘To understand others is to have knowledge. To understand oneself is to be illuminated. To conquest others needs strength. To conquer oneself is harder still’.
Its up to you to determine your own self worth. Don’t let others determine it for you. Happiness does not depend on getting other people’s approval, it depends on getting your own approval.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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