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Be Willing To Learn

Hello Readers,

What hugely, successful people have in common is their willingness to learn and ad to adapt or re-invent themselves. There are thousands of people out there successfully running their own businesses and earning lots of money doing what they love. There are people who prize freedom, independence and the opportunity to make their own choices. These are people who never stop learning. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. They put their money where their mouth is.

Just stop for one moment and take notice of the people around you who are succeeding and learn from them, because they lead by example. Notice what you do that works and what doesn’t and listen to the advice of the people you trust. If necessary, don’t be afraid to go back to basics and learn new skills because there are plenty of opportunities out there for you to embrace. If you want to set up in business then you may need to learn business skills, computer skills or some accountancy. If you are looking for a complete change of direction and career change, contact people who are already doing the kind of work that appeals to you and invite them to meet up with you. There is nothing better nor worthwhile than talking with the professionals, face to face. Sometimes a dream job may involve a training period when you could be earning less, but you need to be flexible and self confident to do this, knowing its worthwhile because you will achieve your goal if that is your intention.

Remember, no situation is ever permanent. Life is forever evolving and changing, nothing is ever guaranteed nor set in stone, but one thing is for sure, every day is a school day.

You can never aim too high, only too low. Follow your dreams, make them a reality and live the life you desire for yourself.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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