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Beautiful Words That Say So Much

Hello Readers,

We live, breathe and think words every moment of our life.

Sometimes you can read a book, a letter, or a greeting card and its message fills you with all kinds of mixed feelings and emotions. We can so easily spend a lifetime folded between the pages of books and love letters to the exclusion of the outside world. Each day we are being comprised of letters, sentences , chapters and verses which all create the book of our life story. Words are pale shadows of forgotten names and bygone times. As names have power, so words have power and meaning. But if thoughts can corrupt language, so the words we choose to use can also destroy, corrupt or breathe life into lives which have long since been forgotten.

Poetry empowers the simplest of lives to confront the most deepest of sorrows by the very nature of the message it tries to convey. The limit of your language also suggests the limit of your world. Some people are only able to express their thoughts and feelings in a letter or a personal diary, but rarely in the spoken word. Others may go to their graves never having told anyone that they loved them. And although our thoughts and words may never reach a person who is close to our heart, you can only hope that they knew that the were loved and thought about, And sometimes we begin writing without knowing what we mean to say and finish without knowing what we have written. If you must re read old love letters, better you pick a room without any mirrors because you will need time to compose yourself after the outpouring of emotion and tears.

The pen is always mightier than the sword just as hand written love letters will never go out of style .

A beautiful poem

‘Roses can be many colours beside red,

Flowers blooms today and slowly in tomorrows they fade…

Heart knows how and why to bleed,

It can also plant and express many beautiful dreams seeds…

Eyes could see the physical reality,

Some how it still can be lost in the fogs and fumes of duality…

Sky can be dark at night,

In the day it becomes the stage for sun to shine its majestic light…

Feelings and thoughts can form words,

Maybe beauty and grace of creator are projected through all the beautiful and colourful birds…

Hope and faith can be the candle guiding us through the darkness,

Embracing them both prophet walked in an era which was filled with chaos and madness…

Grey clouds could form to shower rain,

Maybe it washes away the greeneries sorrows and pains…

Memories could be stories and experiences of the past,

It also could be the stories of future which eventually becomes memories of the present and past…’


May you always carry love in your heart

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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