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Before You Cut Down The Tree, Think Of The Birds That Take Refuge There

Hello Readers,

We are living in times of great stress, pressure, enforced rest and deep, soulful reflection. Everything we are and stand for is being seriously tested and even though there is self isolation and social distancing happening all around us, there is no hiding place because the one person you cannot escape from is yourself. There is nowhere to run to because in the end you must return back to yourself and retreat to a place you call home. When you look at yourself in the mirror, the only person you can see is yourself and who you really are, not the person continually swathed in pretty fabrics and designer labels. Before we are allowed back into the mad, crazy world we are currently detached from, it’s important that we learn and adhere to the powerful lessons we are experiencing on a daily basis. If we have any chance of survival, we must change our ways or face failure and disappointment. We all have choices, there are no excuses because nobody is listening any more. Those times are now long gone.

Success attracts and it also breeds jealousy and resentment. Your real self will always attract your real enemies and your true friends. Only the harshest personal experiences succeed in opening our eyes to the immaculate possibilities and the beauty of our world. You need the dark and light to be a whole person. Trying to be happy and fulfilled by neglecting the harsh reality of your spiritual and emotional world wont work. All colours need shades of reality and are only experienced without judgement by having an open heart and genuine understanding of what is going on around you and showing compassion and empathy towards others.

When obstacles appear, don’t be stopped by them, instead be strengthened by them. When your life becomes challenging, increase your levels of organisation. Your depth of spirituality is measured by your reactions to the most challenging and difficult of situations. The more challenges you are faced with , the more confident and stronger you will become and the less of the wrong types of people you will have in your life because they will gravitate elsewhere.

Let’s be realistic, we are all going to have good days and bad, and are bound to meet the ups and downs of life, because that is normal. No one is constantly happy unless they are on permanent medication or living in perfect delusion of the truth. So when it seems that all the odds are against you, and you feel you have good reasons leave and walk away from disappointment and sorrow, that is perfectly understandable, but if things or people leave you, never chase after them, never lose your dignity nor lower your standards for anyone.

And never lose your smile.

Love and Light, from Linda and The Lulas xxx


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Thank you.

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