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Hello Readers,
Last week I celebrated an important milestone birthday, I have finally reached the grand age of 60 and feel absolutely fabulous!!
My lovely family and closest friends and I organised a little Halloween /Birthday party and a good time was enjoyed by all. Someone even dressed up as ‘Santa’ and arrived with a sack of gifts for the small children, who were all amazed!!! Because after all, it was only October??…But its all good fun and The Lulas were centre stage all evening as they did the rounds cuddling up to people and of course, it goes without saying, everyone made an enormous fuss of my famous poodles.
On my actual Birthday, my lovely daughter, Katie, son in law, Nigel, grandsons, Ben and Finlay and I spent a stress free day together, no plans, no deadlines, no having to get ready quickly and be somewhere at warp speed no charging around like headless chickens, because all we wanted to do was enjoy each moment in one another’s company. We had a nice lunch, took the grandsons to a children’s play place and whilst Nigel looked after the boys, Katie and I popped into Ikea, of all places, then off to the Supermarket to get something nice for supper and once we got the boys tucked up in bed, it as pyjamas, dressing gowns, glass of wine and a fabulous, chillax evening, the telly on and me have a good read of my new historical books, which I am passionate about as I am an avid reader of almost anything as I have always loved books. To me, they are treasures and good friends.
Some people may think the way I celebrated my big birthday is a trite boring? Not so to us, As I have always said…..Life is not a competition. Its about doing stuff that you enjoy the most and being happy within your own self.
I would like to say a massive, heartfelt, thank you to everyone who very kindly and generously sent me birthday greetings. I was very deeply touched by everyone on ‘Facebook’ who remembered my special day and got in touch. I have endeavoured to acknowledge every one of you and if for some reason I have not, please accept my sincere apologies as I am always, normally very diligent about returning telephone calls, emails, texts and any other messages.
Thank you everyone for sharing my special day with me because you all helped to make it a memorable occasion and I appreciate your kindness, love and constant support.
Until next week,
Love and Light.
Linda and The Lulas xxx

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