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Black Moon

Hello Readers,

On January 30th, 2014, something very rare will happen because we have a second New Moon in the same month, known as a Black Moon.
Not only that, it is also a Super Moon, which means it will appear much bigger in the sky than a normal Moon. Because the Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, which is also a Water Sign, the presence of such an enormous phenomena as this indicates that the Tides of the Sea will be much higher than normal and is indicative of why we are living through such bad weather, torrential rain, wind and storms. It governs all things that are ‘Water’, hence all the vast amount of flooding with rivers overflowing river banks and the treacherous waves of the seas smashing down sea barriers and causing so much havoc.

Black Moon may also describe the third New Moon in a season of four New Moons. The names of the other three in the season are the Secret Moon, Finders Moon and Spinners Moon. Interestingly, the Black Moon will be visible through the daytime hours only.
The occurrence of a Black Moon is quite rare. They occur once every 2.5 years in the form of two New Moons in a month. The most rarest Black Moon, that which is a February without either a full or a New Moon happens once every 19 years. The last time this occurred was in 1999 and the next will be in 2018.

A Black Moon is seen as an omen of change and is the force behind many hidden truths regarding people’s secret lives that have been conveniently kept hidden, being brought to the surface.

If you have been biding your time, waiting for a truth to be exposed, then this could be the time when you finally get satisfaction and peace of mind regarding issues that were previously difficult to prove, but this particular Black Moon may well be working in your favour.

Until Next Week
Love and Light,
Linda and The Lulasxxx

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