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Brave New World….

Hello Readers,
Coming soon…..and not before time either!!!  …….
Right now, at the very moment in time….my new website is under construction…
Its being designed by someone new, Paul Craven, who was kindly introduced to me by a mutual friend……
The new website is going to be completely different….Brighter!! Livelier!! and constantly evolving…..unlike the old one…
So for this magical marvel to take place, please bear with me until this project is completed….but you can still contact me at the same e mail address and telephone numbers, and of course, read your weekly stars and my newsletter to you all.
My daughter, Katie, is also hoping to launch her new website soon and when all this happens, we can link the sites together so that you can take a peek at what is going on in our world…..This is all very exciting stuff and we are so looking forward to making a few new starts and new beginnings.
The last week or so has been hectic will all the buzz of this new enterprise hatching…..because as a result of all these positive changes…..I too have been ‘hoofed’ into the 21st Century!!!
It was time to take my upgraded iphone out of mothballs and get connected!!
You may think this sounds strange???? But for years I have been attached to my Nokia phone….probably because I always found it easier to use and certainly to text with… I stayed in my comfort zone because it was warm and cosy there….lol!!!
But…now all this has suddenly changed and I am having such fun learning what this piece of brilliant technology can do…..Katie has been such a great help this last weekend helping me navigate my way around this phone and ‘Star Trecking’ around the universe….!!
The ‘Wheel Of Life’ constantly turns for each and every one of us….nothing lasts forever and nothing can remain the same…..There is a beginning bit, middle bit and end bit to every cycle….
An old cycle in my life has now ended….and I am embracing the future……Welcome to a brave new world!!
Until next week,
Love and Light,
Linda and The Lulasxxx
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