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Change Is On Our Doorstep

Hello Readers,

Change is on our doorstep and the more we try to avoid it, the more insistent and in our face it becomes. Who needs soap operas when each day brings the latest installment in the on-going drama of the planet we are living on.

Everyone seems to be caught up in so many crazy situations that its little wonder we are all so exhausted with stuff and issues we are expected to deal with on a daily, hour by hour, minute by minute basis. And just when you think you have got everything sorted and in its rightful place, unexpected happenings, changes of plans and other people changing their minds succeed in throwing a spanner in the works, thus causing delays, setbacks and unwanted expenditure. As we begin to mature and grow as individuals in our own right, this transition brings with it a sense of calm and reassurances which were notably absent during recent times. It can also bring with it the potential for growth and establishment in your world, thus restoring a greater sense of security and a promise that in the end, everything will be ok. If there is a feeling you cannot shake off or a frustration that is driving you almost insane because you cannot get to the bottom of a problem, just look at the scenario as a gift in disguise because there are important life lessons to be learned from every situation presented before us.

Wherever your thoughts take you, there is always a way to soar above any hurdles so raise your spirits and let them carry you over anything that is an unwanted or uninvited commodity blocking your path.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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