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Choices, Chances, Change

Hello Readers,

The most important three C’s in life are ‘Choices, Chances and Change. You must make a choice to take a chance to make a change. There are two primary choices in life. To accept conditions as they exist or accept responsibility for changing them.

Most individuals do not like change, which is why they remain in exactly the same position and find themselves going absolutely nowhere new in their lives. They settle for ‘better the devil they know’ for fear of stepping into uncharted territory and will go to great lengths to justify their decisions as ‘better than nothing or it could be worse’.  Settling for what they know is a common choice for so many people, which is why they remain stuck in their rut.

If you are not happy at this moment in time, at this point in life, ask yourself the question, ‘What choices can I make in my life to enhance it more and to try to make it happier?  Is my job making me happy?Is my current relationship ticking all the boxes? Are there any chances I can take to hoof myself out of my cosy comfort zone? It’s also important to consider that taking personal responsibility for making your own decisions is not being selfish, its being decisive and positive, after all, you are the only one living your life.  Take your time when answering all those questions, and once you have reached your conclusion, stick to your new plan by working towards achieving your new goals.  If you are patient and start learning to believe in yourself, your life will gradually start to change for the better and you will begin to realise numerous ambitions that have been kept on the back burner for far too long.  Once you start trusting in yourself enough to demolish the bridges behind you, only then can you go forwards.

You were born with one of the most powerful and amazing gifts anyone could ever have and that is the power of ‘choice’.  You have been given free will to make any choice you wish to make and if you sit on the fence for long enough without making any choices at all, the universe will force you into making a choice one way or the other, but it may not be the original one you really wanted to make in the first place.  With your power of choice you can take some amazing chances and effect many changes that will all help to propel you into something bigger and much better for your growth and evolution.

We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us because your choices today create your tomorrow.  You will always be faced with two choices.  Your commitment versus your fear.  If the window of opportunity appears, do not pull down the shade.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx


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