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Choose How You Make Your Bed…

Hello Readers
Every action you take, every decision you make, everything you do causes an immediate effect on those around you, and on you. And this is the important bit. There is such a thing as ‘instant karma’. It is your bed and you are going to have to lie in it. Your actions will dictate whether in general your life is going to run happily or badly, smoothly or as if the wheels have fallen off. If you are selfish and manipulative it will rebound on you. If you are generally loving and thoughtful, you will get your just rewards, and not in heaven or in the next life, but here, right now.
Whatever you do and how you do it will come back to you in spades. I have seen this for myself over the years during the course of my work. Those who do good, get good. Those who do bad, get bad.
Its so easy to point to people who seem to have it made and are still dreadfully rude and vile, but they dont always sleep at night. They have no one to really love them. They attract a lot of false friends and hangers on and inside they are sad, lonely and frightened. Those who go around sharing a bit of love and kindness get rewarded with the same coming back.
Its a bit like that saying ‘You are what you eat’ You are what you do. Just take a look at the faces of those who spread joy and you will see laughter lines and smiles. Now have a look at those who like to bully and get all their own way, who are arrogant, demanding or vicious and will will see etched lines of misery and fear and frowns where there ought to be lightness. These lines wont ever be erased by face creams or plastic surgery. These people are what they do and you can see it in their eyes and the state of ‘the bed they are lying in’ of course.
So be careful how you make your bed. What goes around comes around. There is instant karma. What you sow you reap. Better to stand up and be counted and do the right thing, because deep down, you know what it is and what needs to be done. Then when you get into your bed at night, not only will you be able to sleep at night, but you will sleep the sleep of the just.
Until next week,

Love and Light,
Linda and The Lulas xxx

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