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Choose Your Friends Wisely

Hello Readers,
Some people come into our lives and we know in our hearts that if they left, we would never be able to replace them. Good friends are the simplest and easiest to spend time with. They accept you for who you are, laugh at your bad jokes, respect your wisdom, look to you for advice and guidance and accept the baggage that you have acquired during your journey through this life because lets face it, life happens. You don’t always have to see certain friends often, but when you pick up the telephone, they are pleased to hear from you and immediately offer their help if you need it.
Not all friendships survive the passing years and should carry a ‘best before’ date because when you eventually wake up and realise that you do not actually have anything in common with other than the fact that you have known them a long time and like a lot of other things, they have become a ‘habit’. The clock ticks and life whizzes by so there are bound to be inevitable casualties along the way. Finding yourself out of step with these ‘friends’ happens when you realise that you are operating on completely different wavelengths and you can barely remember why you were friends in the first place? You never especially look forward to meeting up with them and afterwards feel oddly demoralised, drained and in a strange mood, depressed even? They always have something to moan about and suck the joy out of any situation. If you have good news to share, they are not pleased for you and will often pull a face as though sucking on a ‘wasp sandwich’. You may have had a particular friend who you have known for ages and feel slightly guilty about distancing yourself from this person. You try to justify your reasons for allowing this so called friendship to carry on because you perhaps feel sorry for them, but it’s also important to be mindful that they do not feel sorry for you at all, only for themselves. Them knowing you, benefits them every time, never you. So if this is the case then it’s time to toughen up. If a person makes you feel rubbish every time you see or speak with them and know that they are bringing the worst out in you and depleting your energies then drastic measures are necessary. Break it off. Just pull the plug. Delete their telephone number because you don’t need that kind of crazy, insane situation in your life.
You cannot change the people around you. But you can change the people you choose to be around. Choose happiness and people who enhance your day, not human rain clouds and worse still, energy sucking vampires. It’s your life and if you already half way through it, then isn’t it time you made wiser choices about how you spend your time and who with?
Until Next Week
Love and Light,
Linda and The Lulas xxx
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