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Christmas Message 2013…

Hello Readers,

Christmas can be the most magical and wonderful time of the year, for some, but not for everyone. Christmas always manages evoke all kinds of emotions within our hearts based on past experiences, some good and some incredibly sad, depending on an individual’s circumstances. Some people appear to ‘have it all’ and others struggle in the depths of despair at this time of year.

During the course of my work over the years, I have met many people who are constantly seeking ‘ happiness.’ They seem to think that its the responsibility of others to come along and offer them ‘happiness’ on a silver platter. I tell them it doesnt work that way. Happiness is ‘an inside job’ and until you find inner peace and contentment within your own self, no one nor any huge amount of money, gold and jewels can make you happy. I am then asked ‘What can I do to feel happier than I feel now?’ The answer is simple….go out there and offer your help, friendship, generosity and kindness to a complete stranger or to someone you love.

You know, Christmas happens everywhere everytime someone reaches out to touch another life with love because the way we spend Christmas is far more important than how much money we spend…..and those with no Christmas in their hearts will never find Christmas under a tree.

Christmas is also a time well renowned for feuding family politics. The endless, exhausting, duty visits, the rows, the fall outs and the stubborness to not be the first one to pick up that telephone and make that all important call to tell someone that you love them and that everything is going to be alright in the end. Life is too short to behave in such a selfish way, because you never know what lies around the next corner. Nothing in life is guarranteed, so make the most of every precious moment and appreciate the ones who mean the world to you and even the ones that dont, because it really doesnt matter in the end. We are all equal at the graveside.

Have you ever tried to get a parkings space in a Hospital Car Park at Christmas? You have a better chance of buying a winning lottery ticket. Those places, Homeless Shetlters and Soup Kitchens are still as full and busy as they were in Dickensian England. Nothing much has changed other than technology and Internet Shopping.

If you are at a loose end this Christmas, twiddling your thumbs, wondering what to do other that to stuff your face with yet another mince pie, why not offer your services and volunteer to make someones life that little bit easier and brighter, if only for a very short while?

Here is my recommended Christmas Gift list…..

To your enemy – forgiveness.

To Your opponent – tolerance.

To your friend – your heart.

To your customer – service.

To every child – a good example

To yourself – respect.

To all – charity.

The best of all gifts around any tree is the presence of people of every nationality, background, culture and family all wrapped up in each other offering unconditional love and friendship. Strive for peace, not war. Every life is a gift and every life is precious.

None of us are islands and none of us are perfect. Christmas is a time for putting the past behind us, forgiveness and stepping forward into the future with hope in our hearts for a better and brighter future.

On behalf of my family, The Lulas and I, we would all like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Peace, love, happiness, chocolate and all other good things to you and those around you.

Until The New Year,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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