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Hello Readers,
There is a trick to a graceful exit.
It begins with the vision to recognise when a job, a life stage or a relationship is over and let it go. It means leaving behind what’s left over without making excuses about its past importance. It involves a sense of future, a belief that every exit line is an entry to something excitingly new. Closure is the ending of a significant piece of one’s life that can be difficult, painful and requires an enormous amount of resolve and self-discipline. It means something that you once counted on as being very important is now over. People are often afraid to let go because they do not ultimately know what will happen to them if they do. Holding onto a situations does not make them happy and they will use any excuse available to clutch at straws and hang onto the past, just in case there is a change for the better, knowing even that their efforts are futile. It takes time to let go and the last thing anyone wants to hear is being told to ‘get on with it’ or ‘get a life’. However, grieving should not last for years and years because when someone can talk of nothing else, but the past, it’s because they are heavily stuck in the past and it’s the only conversation they have a vested interest in. If you try to change the subject, they will invariably change it back again to their grievances and repeat themselves over and over again, bending anyone’s ear that will listen.
The problem with people that ignore people they dislike is that they can’t ignore them. Anger carries a person in your mind forever, whether you choose to speak to them or not. Therefore you don’t make prosperity or new accomplishments. You cannot escape what you refuse to deal with. The day you can stand in a room with someone and not be affected is the day you have truly moved on. Sometimes a door closes on a relationship, not because we have failed, but because there comes a time when something or someone no longer fits into our life because we have outgrown it. So the only thing is to lock the door, shed the odd tear, turn around and look for the new door that has opened. It’s a sign that you are no longer the person you were and it’s time to change who you are.
Some people can’t be in your life because they don’t have the power to improve it. That does not mean you do not wish them well, it’s just that you are on chapter ten of your life and they are still on chapter five. Maybe it’s just enough to meet them at the crossroads of life and then agree to take separate paths.
It’s important to focus on the positives and surround yourself with people who know you well and who will encourage you to step forwards. Assess where you can make positive changes to your life and stop feeling guilty if you are not forever pleasing others. Determine what’s most important for you to move forwards and make a list of priorities. The important thing is to take action in order to make things happen. If you can’t find a path, create a new one of your own. Finding closure allows you to move into your future and will fill you with a sense of newness and optimism. Hopefully, in the fullness of time you will have learned many valuable lessons from all the significant events and people that you encountered along your journey.
Time doesn’t heal all wounds, only distance can lessen the sting of them. The choices you make now and the people you surround yourself with all have the potential to alter your life in one form or another. Have faith in your ability to make good decisions and learn to take one day at a time. Above all, be kind to yourself.
Until Next Week
Linda and The Lulas xxx
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