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Hello Readers,

Clutter is ‘stuck energy’. The word ‘clutter’ derives from the Middle English word ‘clotter’, which means to ‘coagulate’ – and that’s about as stuck as you can get.

Prune your stuff frequently. Why? Because collecting clutter clutters up not just your home, but also your thinking. The state of someone’s home always projects the state of their mind and for some people ‘Clutter’ is their natural habitat and is the main cause for their inefficiency and confusion. These people are forever trying to tidy up, going round and round in circles, not throwing anything away and finishing up right back where they started, cluttered and no further forward. Clutter causes stress and clutter is one of the main barriers of productivity. Clutter represents indecisions. Get rid of the clutter and you may just find it was blocking the door you were looking for. The only way to discover our true potential is to clear out the clutter and focus on what matters, so clear clutter and make space for what really matters.

Pruning your stuff gives you a chance to get rid of anything that is useless, broken, out of date, uncleanable and redundant. Having a good clear out refreshes you and always succeeds in making you feel better. It also makes you conscious of what sort of things you are continually collecting and hoarding, ‘just in case’. Clutter is not just physical stuff, its old ideas, bad habits and toxic relationships. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self.

I have noticed a big difference between successful people and those who seem to labour in the backwater, never really getting their lives off the ground. Those who are positive, punchy and getting on with things are also those who have an amazing ability to prune stuff, clear the clutter and sort the wheat out from the chaff. Those who are experiencing problems with ‘lift off’ are those running along the tarmac still clutching black plastic bags full of useless stuff they bought from the charity shop and car boot sales and have not had the heart to throw away, or even bothered opening and using them since they bought them. They have cupboards full of junk that is just taking space and collecting dust and cobwebs. Their drawers are full of broken things and wardrobes full of clothes they can no longer get into or which have so long gone out of fashion they may be worth something as a collector’s item and they have trouble the ‘wood from the trees’. They suffer from a lack of clarity because everything in their world resembles chaos and disorganisation. There is an unburdening effect that comes with pruning. You suddenly discover more space in your home and a feeling of being more in control as you get rid of that slightly overwhelmed feeling that comes with having piles of stuff accumulating everywhere. You don’t have to live in a spotless house full of designer gear with minimalist styling. All I am saying is that if you want to find out what is holding you back, try looking in the cupboard under the sink, or under the bed or in the spare room.

It’s always interesting to see that people had tons of clutter even thousands of years ago and the only way to get rid of it all was to bury it, and then some archaeologists went and dug it all up again and displayed it in museums. Why the obsession with worldly possessions? When it’s your time to go they get left behind, so pack light.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light, Linda and the Lulas xxxx

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