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Hello Readers,

During the course of our lives one of the most difficult things we are all faced with is trying to make the right decision about which way to go in next, and which avenues to pursue whilst constantly questioning our better judgement.

Almost everything we do in this life involves a taking a gamble where there are high stakes involved. Nothing is guaranteed, set in stone or a given, because there are always hidden costs, glitches and catches attached to every scenario. There are no free lunches in the Universe, everything has to be accounted and paid for. Every choice we make has its own unique consequences because life is all about risks and rewards, so this is why it’s always wise to think things through carefully before committing yourself to anything or anyone.

There are some people who are adventure seekers and thrive on drama and danger whilst others prefer to remain reserved regarding their opinions and fiercely guard their privacy. There are those people who will trust their gut instincts and those who choose to ignore them. There will always be people who are prepared to take personal responsibility for making their choices and those who will always blame others when things go wrong.

It’s irrelevant how much advice you receive, ultimately everything boils down to the choices you make for yourself. It’s never a good idea to go rushing head first into anything. Never make decisions late at night or if you are exhausted, unwell or under pressure because you may feel completely different in the morning after a few hours of processing your thoughts. Something that sounded like a good idea at the time may not appear quite so attractive at a later date. Most importantly, if in doubt, do nothing at all. Remain calm, still and silent adopting the stance of none action, that means doing nothing at all until you know when the time is right, if at all, that is.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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