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Destiny Determines Everything

Hello Readers,

One of the most valuable lessons that life can teach us is never to force anything because what is meant for you will not go past you. If you are meant to do something or meet someone, you will.

Even if you claim that you never go anywhere nor do anything, you will still encounter what is meant to be on your particular, individual pathway and everyone’s pathway is unique to themselves. If you continually compare your life with other people’s and feel they are having a better deal than you are, think again, because all that glitters is not gold. Everyone has their own cross to bear, their own battles to fight and their own insecurities and inner fears to address and come to terms with, and many never do.

Mostly, people tend to hide behind a mask, they walk around with a sort of suit of armour masquerading as someone who has it all, but in truth, no one does because it’s all a facade for your benefit whilst they are attempting to convince themselves that they have it all, but perhaps only for a very short time because everything changes.

Life is a trade-off and we all have to make sacrifices somewhere along the line. Nothing is free, there is a price to pay for absolutely everything which forces us to make choices, but every choice we make has a consequence. Not everyone will be truthful about their set of circumstances, preferring to paint a pretty picture when really the complete opposite is true. This is another reason why you never know anyone until you live with them and even then you may still never really get to know them. People spend their whole lives chasing stuff and people that are not worth having instead of working on improving and building their own private castles and mansions, the ones that other people are most likely secretly dreaming about.

So if you find yourself envying others, just remember they are most probably envying you at the same time.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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