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Distance Yourself From Negativity

Hello Readers,

Are you one of those people who concerns themselves with things and people who do them no good at all? Or do you know someone who is always landing themselves in hot water and trouble and do absolutely nothing about remedying the situation? If so, be proactive and do something positive to put distance between yourself and anyone or anything that is dragging you down before it or they succeed in dragging you down even further into the abyss.

During the course of our lives, we are all faced with many difficult challenges and obstacles that arrive unexpectedly, uninvited and some of which cause us an enormous amount of stress, grief and huge mountains to climb in order to reach the other side of a situation, and make no mistake, that situation can often prove to be a very enlightening journey of not only discovering who you are but what stuff other people are made of.

During our travels, we often meet some very interesting individuals, some of which we form close bonds with and others we would rather not engage further with. In the same vein, its only whilst we are battling with adversity that we find out who our true friends are. Fortunately, I do have a very small, close knit circle of tried and trusted friends and my own darling, beloved family. We are small in numbers, but so close, you literally cannot put a bus ticket between us. ‘All for one and one for all!!’

Allow me to share something with you that may also have experienced or presented with a set of completely different circumstances that you have been forced to face, deal with and conquer. In my life time alone, I have received earth shattering news also, the sort that catapult you into a state of complete shock, where the only way you can get through a day is by functioning on automatic robot mode. I think you know what I mean? I distinctly remember whilst I was very emotional and worried about what lay before me, a so called friend, in soothing tones down the telephone, took great joy in reciting a shed load of negatives because this this is what happened to her several years ago. Well, can you imagine being told stuff like that? Not at all necessary. It takes just as long to express words of kindness and offers of help as it does to do just the opposite. Talk about true colours and all that. My closest friends were horrified and immediately rushed to my side to comfort and reassure me that these comments was not factually correct, and do you know what? None of them were. Those poisonous comments could not have been further from the truth. In fact my experience proved the complete opposite. The reality has proved to be a completely different story. I was worrying about things that never actually took place and when I took the first step of a thousand miles I was looked after and cared for to the highest possible standards of warmth, reassurances and understanding. To realise the truth about anything, you have to experience it for yourself. I confided this story to a very close and dear friend of mine, whom I have the greatest respect and admiration for who happens to be a professional body language reader, lecturer and highly successful business woman. Part of her job is to attend meetings to ‘spot the phoney’ and also to interpret into plain English what this person or anyone else in that matter, who delivers such nonsense meant. She told me it was ‘transference of their own personal experiences’, but it was also nasty and designed to take away all ‘hope’ of making a full recovery. A verbal attempt such as this is to make a person feel self doubt and also question the professionals who are there to do their job to best of their abilities. My dear friend told me they are more to be pitied than blamed because what they are feeling and transmitting is their problem, not anyone ease’s. Interestingly, if you take the time to dig and delve into such a person’s own life, you will find that nothing is ever as it seems on the outside and that deep down in the raw core of things, you will find they are living in a shambolic mess themselves, in more ways than one, in fact, you would probably be shocked at what you discovered.

My good friend was right. Bang on the money!! I started to see all this very clearly. What did happen as a result was that I dug very deep into my wells of reserve energy and began to develop a most incredible strength. I cannot tell you to this day where this strength arrived from, but it did. So much so, that I changed my whole entire lifestyle as a result. I immediately changed my diet and exercise regime. I consulted a professional nutritionist. I ditched every food and drink that would cause me harm and setbacks. The Lulas are two very happy Poodles because they now get 4 good walks a day instead of 3. I use the car a lot less these days and walk as much as possible, weather permitting, but even then, the three of us get wrapped up in waterproofs etc., and venture out for a ‘Lula Trot’. One of my greatest passions is swimming, so I worked out an early morning time table to swim for approximately 30 mins, which is so refreshing and energising. Gives me a great start to each new day. I started to go to bed much earlier to get my rest and catch up on reading all my fabulous books. Its my time out, but a bit of peace and quiet every now and again is needed by all of us and the rewards are great.

What is interesting to observe is that out of all bad things, often something things can come good and they have in my particular circumstances, but you have to look for them. Some of us do and others don’t. They go through their whole lives wearing blinkers because its suits them not to see nor hear the truth, never mind taking personal responsibility for their situation. Oh, and by the way, when things go wrong, its always someone else’s fault, never theirs. Ring a bell??

There are positives to every negative. A silver lining to every dark cloud. I have learned never to be afraid of asking for help or good advice because two heads are always better than one, and not only that, its human nature that people like to be helpful. More often than not I speak with people who are far better at helping others then they do themselves. They are always at the bottom of the food chain. Are you perhaps one of them? If so, you are probably a very kind and caring person. During the course of my own work I meet many remarkably brave people who have endured and survived the most terrible tests in life and who are here to tell their tale and do you ever hear them complaining? No. I have often listened in awe of them and have learned many great lessons from their approach to life and how they worked on changing their mindset, which I have always strongly believed in.
Our brains are nothing more than a computer. Whatever information you feed it, it believes and acts according. If you tell yourself that you are ill, fed up, giving up, cant do this, that or the other, or wont do this, that or the other, you cant expect a positive outcome. Even if you feel rubbish some days, and we all do, including myself, just put your best foot forward and tell your brain that you feel wonderful, marvelous and that life is great. Take yourself out of the house, if possible and get some fresh air. Phone a good friend. Phone anyone you are able to talk to who wont destabilize you, but who will encourage you to fight the good fight and win!! All things are possible. Yes, all things are possible, which means that ‘No-thing, Nothing, is impossible’.

But first you have to believe, then expect, then receive. This is the first and foremost basic law of the Universal Law of Attraction.

I live and breathe by this Law and it has stood me in good stead and because it is also very, very important to remember that nothing lasts forever. It cannot. There is a beginning bit, a middle bit and and end bit to absolutely everything. Nature is forever evolving and rotating. You don’t believe me? Take a look outside your window or whilst you are travelling in the car. The season of summer is now starting to change. Some leaves are starting to turn. The summer flower baskets you took pride and joy in watering, feeding and dead heading are now reaching past their peak. The Spring Blossoms on your fruit trees have long since been blown away with the winds and now you see there is a beautiful fruit harvest to yield. And just to brighten up your day even more, we are being reminded that Christmas is only a few weeks away, which is factually correct. And then the cycle of life starts all over again bringing with it the Four Seasons. This is also the cycle of our lives.

Stick with the positives. Ditch the negatives and learn to be your own best friend. Do only what feels right for you. Not always easy, I know, but give it a try anyway. You may not be everyone’s favourite person initially, but if you stick to your plan, they will fall in line with you and respect you all the more for it. And if they don’t, well, they are either blind, stupid or have no good taste.

Use your experiences to become an inspiration to others, because we all learn from one another.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light

Linda and The Lulas xxx



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