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Dogs Our Guardian Angels

Hello Readers,

Some of the greatest demonstrations of a dog being man’s best friend come from the abundant and amazing cases recorded of how dogs have save human life.

Austin  Forman was only 11 year old when a Cougar ( a large cat) came out of nowhere and suddenly charged at him whilst he was playing in his own back yard. His 18 months old, Golden Retriever bravely fought the Cougar so the boy could get inside the safety of his home. Austin’s family called the police and they came to put the Cougar down. This amazing dog called Angel, was severally injured by it fight with the Cougar. Thankfully she made a complete recovery and lives peacefully these days with her human family and the grateful Austin who considers Angel to be his guardian angel.

Another amazing account of a guardian angel dog was when A Mr Breiding realised his children had not gotten out of his burning home. Suddenly his mixed breed  dog and children came running from out of the flames. The dog was carrying the baby by its nappy.

When Debbie Parkhurst began to chocked on an apple she was eating, her dog Toby came to her rescue. He jumped onto her chest and dislodged the apple.

One  dog owner, was at first annoyed when her  family dog,  kept waking her up. After getting her dog Miley to be quiet she tried to get back to sleep. However the dog wouldn’t let her and soon she realised something was very wrong. After awakening her family she found that each of them felt nausea and headaches. After taking them to hospital, the family learnt that Miley had saved their lives from the Carbon monoxide poisoning in her home.

Since time began, people and dogs have shared a very deep connection. It’s believed that a hormonal response in both dogs and humans resembles the bond between parents and children. Dogs of all breeds and sizes bravely defend and help the people in their pack.

There are so many stories of dogs saving humans and this shows the loving spirit of dogs and their loyalty to those they love.   …….and I am  sure, anyone reading this who is an animal lover will appreciate just how much our pets  love us unconditionally, who are always pleased to see us and who make the most loyal and best companions of all.

Until next week,

Love and Light,

Linda  and The Lulas xxx

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