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Hello Readers,

The world is filled with people who are never happy with what they have got and when they do get what they think they want, it’s still never enough. They are forever chasing other people and things that are generally not worth having. They waste precious time comparing the life they have now to the life they once had or compare their situation with you and everyone else. Their glass is always half empty and will readily envy anyone who they think has got more than they have.

They usually attract drama, mostly negative stuff, complain about other people, blame their childhood for all their short comings and dislike it when its pointed out to them that it’s not the fault of others that they have landed in the position they have found themselves in, but a result of all their previous choices and decisions which have led them to the place they now reside in. They tend to ‘network’ or ‘get involved with the community’. in other words, involve themselves in other people’s business and gossip and its usually not too long before the misunderstandings start, accusations and denials become the order of the day and people begin to settle into their own personal camps of the ‘have’s and have nots’.

If you know anyone like this, it’s always best not to become involved in their next episode of chaos and melodrama if you really are adverse to conflict and unpleasantness, simply ‘run for the hills’, because that way you won’t all allow yourself to get dragged into anything you may later regret and find yourself having to try to dig your way out of.

If you ever feel fed up and bored with life and think that the grass is greener elsewhere, when you are stuck in what you call a rut that others would gladly swap places with you for, just be aware that because life can change in a split second forever without any prior warning. Life is a gift. it’s a trade-off. we may not have everything, but if you count your blessings one by one instead of regretting what you do not have and wishing things were different, then you are indeed truly rich and of course, as we make our beds, we must then lie on them,

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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