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Embrace the Future

Hello Readers,

You know you cannot go back to your old life. No one knows where their story is going or the people they are destined to meet and connect with. Rather than battling on in the same old tired way you will soon discover new avenues of progress and development opening up for you in areas you previously never imagined possible. As time goes by you may feel the task before you may look so vast that you are seriously tempted to give up before you have even started. Rather than surrender to defeat by the approach of the first hurdle, just beneath the surface lies a glimmer of hope. Once the ground breaking work is underway, the rewards will be phenomenal and worth reaping.

You may have a list as long as your arm of all the things that would be wonderful in your life but there are no free lunches and everything needs careful planning and organisation. Where procedures seem challenging, it’s always wise to keep things as simple as possible. Watch out for new opportunities because your exciting out looks is likely to continue as long as you are committed to your cause.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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