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Hello Readers.

In these times of daily change and uncertainty we are rapidly discovering that we are living in very trouble and turbulent times that require an enormous amount of adjustment forcing us to rethink our attitudes, opinions and treatment of other people.  World events are teaching us that respect and equality in all types of relationships, different cultures and how we are prepared to work and live together harmoniously is essential if we are to survive.  Recognising that no one person is above another and that no one is exempt or singled out from what fate and destiny has in store for any of us is one of the most greatest and important lessons we can learn.  No amount of wealth, social standing or public importance means we are safe from anything because no matter how rich or how poor, in the end, we are all equal at the graveside.

It’s all about the ability to come together in times of need because when we are struggling, suffering and feel alone and lost, we all need hope, love, friendship, help and compassion from our friends.  Knowing how many people truly care what is happening to us and others can be very overwhelming, but also incredibly reassuring that none of us are islands and that none of us are completely alone.  The time has come to put our differences to one side and work towards a common goal.

‘People who need people are the most beautiful people in the world’

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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