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Everything Is Energy

Hello Readers,

We are all made up of varying degrees of energy, but because our life paths and soul journeys are completely different to one another, we all operate on different frequencies. Some are compatible with one another whilst others are the complete opposite and should never be put together which is why so many relationships are testing and difficult.

Anyone who is not on your same evolutionary and spiritual frequency will distance themselves from you whilst all those who vibrate on the same energy levels will gravitate closer towards you because like minded will always attract other like minded individuals. Similar aura patterns with another person indicate that we share energy compatibility inclusive of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels whilst the opposite is also true for the people we dislike, distrust and feel distinctly uncomfortable when in their company. This experience often happens when every fibre of your body screams loudly that something is wrong and to quickly make your exit before you start feeling unwell. These feelings are your gut instincts warning and protecting you from danger. Ignore them at your peril.

Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing other people’s energy. You will notice that every time you agree to lower your frequency to meet someone else on their level, you always end up paying for it one way or another. By changing your thoughts and behaviour you immediately change the frequencies you are operating on and then you start attracting a new set of vibrations towards you. Whether they are good or bad for you will depend entirely on what is going on in your thinking. Only you are responsible for those and the subsequent outcome of your choices.

The words we choose to use when we communicate with one another all carry their own vibrations. The words we use demonstrate how we think and feel are how we communicate with others and send out messages as to our intentions. By carefully selecting our choice of words, this helps to elevate our consciousness to operate and resonate on a much higher level, but often result in us outgrowing certain people and leaving them behind. Sometimes being on a different frequency from someone else means that no matter what you are saying, that person just cannot hear you, but neither are they listening. They are on a completely different journey to you and have their own set of karmic life lessons to learn. Never make the mistake of comparing your life to that of anyone else’s because no two pathways are the same.

Most forms of energy are invisible, but energy doesn’t lie. What you attract is what you are and what you constantly think about, you will become, for better or worse.

Unconditional, unlimited pure love is the highest frequency in the universe. Decide what you want to be, do and have, think the thoughts, emit the energy and your vision will become your life.

Until Next Time,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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