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Faith Is The Bird That Can See The Light And Sings Even When The Sun Goes Down

Hello Readers,

Positive thoughts, words, and actions create positive feelings which generate positive energy. The world needs huge boosts of positive energy to fight against so many negative forces. Create some time to meditate by journeying deep down into the centre of your soul and discover who you are and your true life purpose.

Beware of entertaining people with low self-esteem, limited vision, negative mindsets, stressful personalities and apparent emotional immaturity because they will always try to bring you and others down. They fall into the category of energy vampires and will endeavour to cling whilst sucking every last drop of your life blood. Always keep your distance and save your jet fuel for rising above their negativity as discovering new places to visit.

Your energy is your greatest asset and currency. How you develop spiritually is more important than status and material wealth, none of which has any real meaning. Make one of your goals in life to be a good friend and a special person in someone else’s heart . When people see you, encourage them to feel safe, warm and happy just by knowing you. Smile at them with your kindest eyes and stay close to them so that there is an exchange of good, positive energy between you. We are not rich by the material wealth and successes we have accumulated, but by all the things we can easily give up and happily live without. All that is important, money cannot buy. It is your responsibility to protect yourself from predators and corruption. Alike always attracts alike, so choose your company wisely. No one has the power to steal your joy without your permission. If you love life, then don’t waste time wallowing in self pity because no one is interested.

Happiness is about you feeling good about yourself without the need for anyone’s approval. You glow and shine differently when you are happy and at peace with the world . Making just one person smile could change so many things where new doors magically open and opportunities to walk in a new direction present themselves.

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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