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Faith Urges You To Endure Through Every Struggle And Trial

Hello Readers,

No matter what, you just have to keep going. Often your most hardest and testing of times can lead to some of the greatest moments of your life. Never give up hope because tough situations build strong people in the end. We only learn and grow when we are severely challenged. Our survival is everything. Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can’t always understand them, but we have to trust in them. We want to question everything, but sometimes it pays to just have a little faith because there is more between heaven and earth than we perhaps realise or understand. Never doubt the power of prayer and miracles.

Our soul’s spiritual force allows us to transition from the physical world into the beyond of eternal life. The path of spiritual awakening involves uncovering the values and ideas that are important to you regardless of the opinions of others. Unlike most things attached to the material world, the spiritual or intellectual awakening of a person is irreversible because you cannot unlearn what you have learned. You can never return to the past because it is no more. That bright light shining deeply into the inner most depths of your soul will ask many questions of your intentions. It’s all too easy to try to ignore our needs or callings, but we must always remain true to ourselves.

Your greatest awareness comes when you suddenly realise that life is not a rehearsal and that we only get one chance at living before the flame of life extinguishes and eternal darkness descends forever. Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom, and when you discover who you are, you become free of all that you are not.

One day it just happens. You turn a corner. After all those years of battling and fighting over things which now seem meaningless and fickle, you understand exactly what your life purpose is. It’s only when you really dig down deeper and prepared to go underground into the labyrinth of your soul that will you discover your true identity. Never allow yourself to be blinded by fear, anger, jealousy or other non-serving emotions because everything is as it is and each new experience presents a vital learning process that is all part of your makeup and spiritual journey.

The only way to understand your path is by walking it yourself. No one else can do this for you because they have their own path to walk and the two paths are unique and quite remarkable. Sometimes you have to fall down in order to rise up again like a phoenix from your own ashes and start living again. It’s irrelevant how much material wealth you have accumulated or how much fame and attention you may have received because ultimately none of it amounts to anything. What is important is the amount of positive energy and vibrations you have radiated outwardly and how many lives you have lovingly touched along the way. The best way to find yourself is to first lose yourself in the service of helping others, endeavouring to make a difference. When you eventually make that soulful pilgrimage to a place which remains unchanged and unnamed, you will begin to discover and understand the meaning of your life.

Darkness is always trying to overcome the light, but nothing is stronger than the power of love. Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to your own God. You have nothing to fear because our fate cannot be taken from us, it is a gift. The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith. For us to have faith is to have wings that can help us fly.

‘Faith is the heart of love
love is the breath of faith.
Faith is wisdom
Faith is power.
Faith is heart fragrance.
Faith is the sun child
Of the Beyond’

Love and light,
Linda and the Lulas xxx

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