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Hello Readers,

Recently, we have faced the wettest Winter we have ever known. The torrential rain and terrible gales have been on an epic, biblical scale where nothing like this has ever been witnessed in the last 60 years, when storms and floods killed over 300 people on January 31st 1953. Many died in their beds whilst others were swept away in the raging torrents, or perished from the cold as they hung onto their rooftops waiting to be rescued.

For 18 hours, force 11 storms and high spring tides combined to smash sea defences and flood more than 150 acres of land.

Its interesting to watch ‘those in power’ now turning the tables and shamelessly pointing the finger of blame at the home owners who purchased properties on ‘flood land’, believing they had finally managed to own their dream home, after all, our homes are our castles.

Behind my bungalow, where I live with The Lulas, planning permission has finally been passed to build hundreds of new homes on flood land. Even in the scorching heat of the summer, much of this land is boggy, marshy and difficult to pass because there is also a brook that stretches a long way that is currently overflowing and this land is situated in a sort of dip or valley, so all the water runs downhill into the basin. I think by now you probably will have a rough idea of what I am describing? Needless to say, The Lulas and I and anyone with an ounce of common sense will stick to walking on dry land and avoid putting ourselves and our pets at risk.

Our prayers go out to all those innocent people who have been seriously traumatised by this dreadful flooding experience and to the families of those who are endeavouring to cope with tragic losses of loved ones, job and business losses and feelings of
utter desperation and hopelessness.

The Government has announced that this latest disaster is a ‘wake up call’ and of course we are facing a General Election next year. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Words are cheap, anyone can make false promises. Its action that speaks the loudest and we are in a state of emergency.

Until next week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulasxxx

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