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Hello Readers,

In this very material world that we live in, a new affliction is affecting many friendships and relationships. Its another word for ‘Green Eyed Monster’…..Frienvy.

Its the envious feelings that someone gets when a friend has what you covet. It is fuelled by your friend’s success in certain areas of his or her life. Whereas once you were both on a seemingly equal footing, all this is blown right out of the water because of the ‘friend’s success.

There are a lot of people around who truly envy their friends. They openly admit they are jealous of other peoples higher salaries, perks of the job, bigger and faster cars, fancier mansion like houses and expensive, luxury holidays. I hear people telling me over and over again that ‘Its alright for some’, but what they don’t realise is that many people, not all, actually work hard for a living and so can afford to splash out every now and again on luxuries and treats because they have earned them, although not everyone will agree. Other people’s reaction can often be a case of ‘sour grapes’. Of course people say how pleased they are for their ‘friend’s ‘ success and they even voice their approval of their achievements, even join them for champagne celebrations, using them as a platform to air their sniping comments, but deep down there is a deep resentment hatching where that person wishes something would go dramatically wrong to in order to bring the equilibrium back into balance again.

Our first step to healing jealousy is to become conscious and aware of the problems and devastation that is being created because of our own or another’s jealous thoughts and actions. Jealousy forms a potent poisonous cocktail that drains your own energy and those around you. Sometimes jealousy manifests itself in a cavity of loneliness. It damages our own self worth and destroys trust and commitment. Should we find ourselves directing our jealousy at a loved one, we are then in dangerous waters. Jealous kills relationships, it’s a selfish emotion and identifies with our own needs, desires and demands. Whilst in the grasp of jealousy, we forget the true nature of love, about give and take. Even those who try to bury their jealousy and never mention it to anyone, you have to realise that you are building walls of separation between you and other people until you deal with the real issue of what’s underneath. It may be that you have been jealous of people most of your life. This shows up in work relationships when other people seem to get pay increases and promotions or excel and you don’t. Some are jealous of the way another person looks, their talents or how much more they seem to have. Whenever you feel jealous or someone in your life becomes jealous, ask yourself what is happening as a result of this behaviour. Take a moment right now and make a list of how many of your relationships and friendships have finished because of your jealousy. I would ask anyone who’s been living with jealousy to take a conscious look at their life. Your healing can only begin when you make a new start and become aware of how you and your relationships have been affected by you own jealous deeds, words and thoughts.

Never ever be jealous or envious of anyone. No matter how big or posh their house is, how fancy their holidays are or whether they are swimming in money or not,you never know what heartbreak, loneliness or grief is going on behind closed doors and within someone’s heart. No one has got it all. If you have one good thing in your life, you will always forego another. There are no free lunches in the universe. Everything has a price tag on it. It’s either a spiritual one or monetary one. Everything has to be accounted for one way or another.

If you have experienced being the target of jealousy, take heart, its because you have got something that someone else wants ,so you must be doing something right!!!!

Until next week

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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