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Getting Older

Hello Readers,

Someone recently asked me a very interesting question? How did I see old people? I then asked the questioner another even more interesting question? How did they see themselves when they reached my age? And how old did they think I actually was? They could not guess and were stunned with disbelief when I told them. Age is not only just a number, its a state of mind. A lot of people imagine getting older means that you end up sitting around in a Nursing Home with one foot in the grave and another on a bar of soap! That their life is effectively over and that once you hit sixty, there is no point in trying anything new. Well, think again! The truth is that people are now living much longer and leading a happier, fulfilled and active life than a lot of the younger generation.

Just take a look at some of the most famous and glamorous film stars of stage and screen and how fantastic they look. One of my favourite is the extraordinary and fabulous diva, Joan Collins, who looks remarkable to say she is aged 81years old and still going strong. Pop Stars such as Rod Steward and Sir Paul McCartney are still churning out their music non stop and keeping the show biz gossip columns in business with their antics and escapades because they just love being alive. They don’t give a damn about the age in their passports. They are out there living life to the full and making sure they look good while they do it. The Queen and Prince Philip are a wonderful example to us all. For their ages they are incredibly hard working and full of fitness and vitality. At this rate, the Queen will be sending her own husband a congratulations birthday greeting when he reaches one hundred years of age!

In my experience, I am meeting more and more older people who demonstrate tremendous zest and energy and not afraid to try something new. We take on the behaviour of those we spend the most time with. If we hang out with dull and lethargic types, we begin to look and act the same as they do and if we choose to associate with the more vivacious variety of human species, once again their energy has an influence on us also. It takes just as long to dress up in clothes and accessories that are flattering and smart and becoming as it does to throw on an old sack and look a complete mess. I have lost count of the amount of ladies I meet who protest that because their mothers never wore make-up, fixed their hair or put on nice clothes that that was a good enough ‘reason’ why they didn’t bother either. Its pure laziness.

When the late Queen Mother visited the East End of London after a bombing raid, a bystander remarked how lovely she looked wearing such beautiful clothes. She replied by telling them that if they came to visit her at the palace, that they would also have put on their best clothes to see her.

The Lulas and I start each day with a cup of coffee and a quick glance at the obituaries, so I am quite comfortable with getting older because its better than the alternative, which is being dead, so we will choose to get older and do it disgracefully. We laugh in the face of fear ha ha! Count our blessings one by one and always look on the bright side of life. Getting older is fine, there is nothing you can do about it, so you may as well stay on the bus….

Until Next Week

Love and Light

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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