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Gratitude and Appreciation

Hello Readers,

Gratitude and appreciation of life is something that is much written and spoken about, but also something that not everyone understands nor feels, depending on their circumstances.

Not everyone has an idyllic childhood, happy marriage, work they enjoy, a family who is close by or a family at all. Not everyone has friends they can call upon, not everyone is that fortunate, yet through my experiences, what I have noticed is that often it’s the people who have the least, who have endured and suffered the most ,who are the most grateful of life and count their blessings one by one. They rarely complain and are happy with their lot. I have seen fortunes made and lost overnight. I have met people who have had it all and taken it for granted that they are unsinkable, that nothing could possibly go wrong until one day, disaster strikes in one form or another. It could be illness, bereavement, divorce, bankruptcy, anything at all .It can often take such a happening for them to realise what life is really about and who their true friends are. It is when the chips are down, help is needed, total strangers coming to the rescue, nursing staff brilliant, people offering help in whatever way they can that they start to really understand what the gratitude and appreciation is all about.

Today, embrace those who matter and allow yourself to be happy with the simplest things in life and feel wonderfully blessed to be alive. No one is happy all of the time, it just doesn’t work like that, we all have good days and bad, that’s life, but we can be grateful and thank our Angels for helping us get through another day, hopefully, in one piece. Be thankful for what you have and you will end up having more, but if you focus on what you do not have, you will never have enough.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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