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Guardian Angels

Hello Readers,

Do you believe in Angels? Some people do and some are not convinced, that is until something happens that throws them into despair and they start praying for help. Sometimes, without any warning, someone, perhaps a stranger, is sent to rescue us so that one day we can rescue them or someone else in return and ultimately your incredible story will make a huge impact on your life and perhaps on the lives of others as you relay the series of events.

When you look back and recall a time when you were experiencing great difficulties, you may start to realise just how much your Guardian Angels were helping and protecting at that time. Know that you are divinely guided and watched over every minute of every day, so that when you focus on your life path and purpose, you can feel protected and safe with the knowledge that your Angels are right there, walking beside you every inch of the way.

There have been many incidences during my lifetime when Angels were by my side, but perhaps the most poignant goes back six years ago when I was battling Cancer and at that time was uncertain whether or not I would survive what lay ahead of me. I was walking a dark and twisted pathway filled with hospital treatments, exhaustion, fatigue and uncertainty. That journey was to change my life forever because not only did I manage, somehow, to pull through, I had concrete evidence on a daily basis that something or someone was there looking after me because too many strange and weird things were happening that could not possibly be sheer coincidence . I know my Angels were there beside me because I felt them and heard them nearby and when I asked for help, it was given, but sometimes not in the way I expected, but definitely in a way that I needed at that moment in time.

Each day I talk to my Angels and thank them for helping me stay strong and whilst not expecting them to resolve my problems, but to light up a pathway in the direction where I may go to discover answers and learn the valuable life lessons and wisdoms that are necessary for me to spiritually grow and evolve as a soul and continue my life purpose with my work.

Over the years I have met many beautiful people whom I am convinced are Earth Angels. Ordinary everyday people, nothing grand, filled with humility and selflessness surrounded by beautiful golden auras and invisible wings who were heaven sent do good work in helping and healing others.

Be reassured to know that our Guardian Angels love us unconditionally and who will never leave us. Each day, no matter how anxious or worried you may feel, count your blessings one by one because you are indeed blessed in more ways than you can possible imagine.

Perhaps now, more than ever before we look towards our Angels for help and miracles often happen when you least expect them to. All you have to do is believe.

Until Next Time,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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