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Half Way Through The Year

Hello Readers,

The year is gathering momentum and time is of the essence. We are in the glorious month of June and rapidly heading towards the half way mark of this year as the Summer Solstice is now approaching.

This is also an important time for universal energies to start shifting again so always be prepared for any last minute changes that come along which could catapult you into a completely new and different direction, one you had not planned for, up to this point anyway. Listen to advice by all means, but never accept it without question because not everyone understands or has a capacity to comprehend your current situation, so always take your time before making a decision or giving your final answer. It’s around this time that you may have second thoughts regarding money issues, especially if it means you taking on a huge debt . Other people may cause you to feel irritable, especially if you feel tied down by obligations that you wish you had not committed yourself to or delegated to other people. Don’t worry because this time will pass and you will soon begin to realise that all the hard work you have put into a project, idea, relationship or any situation close to your heart will soon start paying off with you reaping some very rich rewards, but things take time and it’s not possible to logically think you can move forwards in just one day.

Be kind to yourself and realise that you are making phenomenal progress against all adversity during what has been an incredibly testing time, one that must not be underestimated or made light of. Now, you are gradually taking the reins and getting back into the driving seat, thus putting you in a very strong position and one to be proud of.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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